Mother, wife, doctor, former webmonkey. Lover of all things modern.  Serial experimenter, will give anything a shot once.  Ate a deep fried cricket once.  Giant scarves, bright colours, arm candy.  Pastry fiend.  Likes bright colours.  Will never be cool. Has the best friends anyone could ask for.  Loves scented candles.  Terrible procrastinator.  Loves DVF.  Yes it’s the same cyberchiq/astro-g/missg in case you were wondering.  Collector of 80s toys denied to her as a child.  Online shopper extraordinaire!  Lover and a fighter.  Artist and a scientist.

*All of the posts on this blog are my personal opinion and in no way constitute professional medical advice.


  1. Hi would absolutely love to get some advice from you about progressing on the Med path, I can’t remember exactly what I was googling when I came across your blog but your experiences are intriguing and I have been thinking about doing Med for about 10 years now… (finished Dent instead) I’d be grateful for the opportunity to chat!
    Thanks so much!

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